4. Glossopteris

It's palaeobotany time! We talk about our first fossil plant and dive into the Permian with help from Dr Anne Marie Tosolini. This episode we also discuss plate tectonics, and how fossils played a key role in unlocking the secrets of the Earth.

3. Ferrodraco

Adele talks about the Iron Dragon and what it's like to name a new species of pterosaur, plus we hear from Bob Elliott who discovered the first Ferrodraco fossil and Ali Calvey a volunteer fossil prepper at Australian Age of Dinosaurs.

2. Koolasuchus

We discuss Koolasuchus cleelandi, the ancient amphibian from the Cretaceous of Victoria and chat with fossil preparator Lesley Kool OAM and fossil hunter Mike Cleeland.

1. Anomalocaris

In our first episode, we talk about Anomalocaris the abnormal shrimp from the Cambrian, biomineralisation and an ancient evolutionary arms race. Plus facts on trilobite cannibalism